Tricky Word Resources Index: Volume 1

Welcome to the index for the printable resources for the Tricky Words software - Volume 1. You’ll find over 100 resources that compliment the software. All resources are designed to support the learning of tricky words and can be easily reproduced for use in the classroom or for use at home.

The resources include: lesson plans, wall display, bookmarks, word mats, alphabet cards, flash cards, and worksheets that can be used in the class or for homework.

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Tricky Words' Lesson Plans: Interactive Whiteboard (Classroom) and Computer Suite / Lab

Tricky words lesson plan thumbnail

Practical ideas and guidance for using the software in the classroom, on an interactive whiteboard (iwb / smart board), or in the computer lab.

Lesson Plan 1 (Classroom and Computer Lab)

Lesson Plan 2 (Classroom and Computer Lab)

Tricky Words' Wall Display

Tricky words wall display

Print, cut and display: Use this attractive wall display to reinforce the learning of tricky words. It includes all characters from the software, as-well-as satellites, moons, motherships plus the actual tricky words - why not add some of your own spaceships too.

Tricky Word Bookmarks

Tricky word bookmarks

Tricky words are irregular so repetition is an important method to support learning - that’s what these bookmarks intend to do. Print them onto card, then your students can be reminded of the words they need to learn. Parents can get involved too by using the bookmark as a prompt at home.



Tricky Word Mats

Tricky word word mats

Use these quirky word mats on your classroom desks to keep the exposure of tricky words high. Ask the children to include tricky words in their sentences or speech. If they have time between lessons get them working in pairs, one reading from the word mat and another writing the tricky word.

Rocket Alphabet Cards

Tricky word alphabet cards

Use these large alphabet cards with the lesson plans. Children can hold the individual cards and spell-out the tricky words they’re learning before and after using the software.

Flash Cards

Tricky words flash cards

Colourful and bright, using the characters from the software. Excellent for reinforcing learning.


Tricky Words' Worksheet 1

Tricky Words Worksheet 1

Learn three tricky words per week using the software then using this worksheet as an aid to memory. A simple worksheet that requires the student to say the tricky word then practice writing it.

Tricky Words' Worksheet 2

Tricky words worksheet 2

Use this worksheet to add the tricky words to simple sentences. Making sure that the sentences make sense.

Tricky Words' Worksheet 3

Tricky words worksheet 3

Identify the tricky words on the spaceship then circle them. Excellent worksheet for making sure the student reads the whole word and can differentiate tricky words from de-codable words.

Tricky Words' Worksheet 4

Tricky words worksheet 4

Find the tricky words in the list then practice writing them in the correct column. Great for practicing word recognition. Make sure the student reads/says the word to ensure maximum benefit.